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Adding Events to Calendar

You can now easily add events to your device calendar directly from Workvivo so you won't miss any upcoming events with your colleagues! 

Device(s): Desktop & Mobile

Roles / Permissions: Any user who has been invited to the event can add the event from Workvivo to their calendar


From the main activity feed or Events section, find the event you are hoping to add to your calendar.

Open the event by clicking on its title - from here you can click 'Add to Calendar'.

If the event has an RSVP, once you click 'Attend' you will notice an 'Add to Calendar' option.

Choose which calendar installed on your device you wish to add it to e.g. Samsung Calendar, iPhone Calendar, Google Calendar.


Similarly with web, find the event you wish to add to your calendar.

RSVP Event

  1. If you're attending, the 'Add to Calendar' option appears. 
  2. Choose which calendar you want to add it to.

Regular Event

  1. Click on the Event title and click the 'Add to Calendar' button.
  2. Choose which calendar you want to add it to.

Note: When adding events to calendar only the Summary is pulled across to the calendar so include all relevant info here. The Description is not carried across.

If you wish to discuss utilising the above feature please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for any advice or best practices on this. 

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